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The Genesis Hostel was established in July 2021. The purpose of this project is to provide housing and schooling to young and less fortunate girls in Nepal. Genesis Hostel allows them to have the same opportunities in life as the other children. 

Currently Genesis Hostel is housing 12 young girls under the age of 13, along with two house mothers who look after their well-being. The young girls come from several rural towns across Nepal, mainly from families in difficult situations to continue to raise them. Without Genesis Hostel, they would be forced to stop their schooling at a very young age, some may suffer from starvation or homelessness.


Genesis Hostel provides the girls with a safe place to stay, warm and welcoming local church community and an opportunity to go to school and learn.  Despite the age differences, the girls are building good relationships with each other. They are extremely grateful of Genesis Hostel. They cherish every opportunity to learn and go to school. With the help of Genesis Hostel, they are able to explore their interests in music and studies. While staying at the hostel, they have developed great daily routines, priorities their studies and daily household chores. Genesis Hostel provides not only education but learning of essential life skills.


We aim to expand this hostel in the coming year by having enough resources to host more young girls who are missing out on education and childhood as a young age. Giving more girls an opportunity in life. You can help us by simply donate to our Genesis Hostel project. The funds will be used wisely on the living expenses of the girls and schooling materials such as school fees, uniforms, shoes and books.