Children sponsorship is the most effective method to give children better futures. From your financial support, you can transform a child’s life that extends far beyond financial support. 

Why sponsor a child?

Methodist Medical & Mission Ltd (MM&M) is currently partnering with House of Resurrection orphanage centre in Battambang, Cambodia. Child sponsorship is a rewarding way to give children a better future. We aim to develop children to graduate with skills to become economically self-supporting. By writing to your sponsored child, your words of hope will shine into each child’s life. When they know that they are loved and supported, their faith will grow, they will develop self-confidence and dare to dream big for their future. 

Who are these children of needs? 

We are targeting vulnerable children and orphans. All of them come from a poor family, some of which have parent(s) who may be diagnosed with different diseases (e.g.: HIV, Hepatitis, leg deformity). 

How much does the sponsorship cost?

It costs between AUD$67 to AUD$100 a month to sponsor a child through MM&M depending on where the child is from. Direct debit with the use of credit card can be set up for monthly remittance. A receipt will be issued at the time of donation. All donation of AUD $2 and over are tax-deductible. 

What does my sponsored child receive? 

Each orphan sponsorship program is unique to the needs of the child and his/her family. Sponsorship will cover school tuition fees, educational materials and stationary. It will contribute to funding nutritious meals, shelter, health care, and domestic care. 

What do the sponsors receive? 

When you sponsor a child through MM&M, you will be sent a photograph and a biography of your child. 

Can I write to my sponsored child?

YES, the children would love to hear from their sponsors in Australia. It reminds them that someone loves and cares for them. Please write and forward your hand-written letter to 

What are other sponsorship programs available?

 You can also contribute to Student sponsorship program on our homepage.