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Throughout the last year, Covid-19 continued to disrupt life as we know it, even more so for those who are vulnerable. We’re grateful that Mercy Field Home has stepped up and continually to strike their best to provide orphans with their milestones developmental training and keep orphans safe on Covid-19 safety.

Currently, Our Mercy Field Home have housed 17 orphans with disability ranges from mainly brain paralysis, mental disability, autism, and other disabilities. The majority of orphan with disability here have different progress in areas such as muscle training, social skills, language skills and cognitive skills.   

Over the past few years, our disability work has gained momentum with each of the orphans has remarkable improvement as well as facilities upgrade around the centre. However, there was insufficient treatment for a range of disabilities, lack of support and services provided by local health services. 

Therefore, MM&M and Mercy Field Home are in the process of extended another year (2022) of partnership through several enhanced rehabilitation programs: 

a.       Continue to support two rehab consultants, staffs training and provide therapy for Orphans with disability with customised needs, goals and outcomes. 

b.      Improve and upgrade current facility / equipment with complexity therapy equipment  to accommodate different special needs 

c.       Purchase Bio electrotherapy equipment or “DDS Bioelectric Massage Therapy Device” and provide equipment training course for staffs at MFH

We are grateful for every donation and sponsorship, and we hope that we can count on your support.  Please keep praying for our partner, both during this crisis and going forward, as they work to adapt their program so there may continue to be stories of lives transformed and hope restored.