Orphans with disability Program

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Orphans with disability Program


It is estimated that China has a population of 5.8 million children living with some kind of disability according to the Second National Sample Survey of Disabled Persons in China (SNSSD) conducted in 2006*

A half dozen children with the cerebral palsy lie on thin mattresses on the floor of a spacious room and nearly, five children are locked surrounded by both metal and plastic frame from our last visit.

There are 12 orphans with disabilities at Mercy Field Home in Minhou, Fujian Province, PRC. They are aged between 3 to 22 years old, and the oldest looks like a primary kid. These Orphans are abandoned by their parents because they can’t afford the heavy burden of long-term medical cost and the country has little social security for the disabled.

Because of this limitations, these orphans with disability spend their entire childhood inside the wall of the orphanage and have a very limited life, social skills and ability to support themselves and supplement their income.

Currently, the centre lack of qualified staff to support the development of these orphans with disabilities and also poor quality rehabilitation support. As a result, orphans may develop learning and social impairments if the current condition isn’t improving.

Making a difference

MM&M is committed to improving current state of these orphans with disabilities future by supporting them with tailored learning plans and behaviour disorders educational through Special Education Teacher, giving them the love, education, life skill development and attention they deserve. We also provide appropriate rehabilitation support e.g. physiotherapy for orphans with disability to gain independence in physical function and centre facility improvement to improve centre current condition.

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