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GIVE A CHILD A BETTER FUTURENelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.


We acknowledge the importance of education and we aim to provide financial support to the under-privileged children. MM&M currently have student sponsorship programs in Nepal.

Our sponsorship  program partner with local churches to provide a range of benefits to the children who are registered in the program, including:

  • Supporting the daily basic needs of the students in various regions or communities such as allowance to uniforms, textbooks, stationery and tuition fees, as well as, rental subsidy for students living far from schools.
  • Developing children who will graduate with skills to be economically self-sufficient who are also physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  •  Transforming local and surrounding community by enhancing opportunities for self-sufficiency and sustainability to address poverty and social problems.


Your sponsorship will greatly impact the sponsored student, their family, their community, and their country.


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