MM&M has sponsored 19 orphans since the establishment of Cambodia orphanage ministry with House of Resurrection Orphanage Centre in August 2016. The age group of the orphans is between 6 to 18 years old.

Most of the orphans are from vulnerable family backgrounds whose parents were divorced, remarried, single parenting, involved in domestic violence, prisoner, and both deceased. This has left the orphan more vulnerable and living in poverty. However, there are circumstances that the orphans were withdrawn from the sponsorship due to family issues, such as the elderly requested that the orphan stay at home and look after the younger siblings.

  • The 2017 Cambodia MM&M short term medical mission team visited the orphanage and a representative of MM&M gave out 12 small love gifts (small towel) to the 12 orphans.


  • MM&M is currently exploring the potential of establishing an orphanage centre in Nepal to expand the orphanage ministry. Exploration work will be done when MM&M short term medical mission trip goes to Nepal in September 2017.

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